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now I know this particular thought may strike a bit of pissiness from the more disruptive users(excuse me for saying so but you know they exist)but this issue is bothering me and is quite unavoidible for me unless of course I get plastic surgery which would be most unadvisable for my particular "ailment"(and if you didnt't like what you read don't respond please, theres no point in complaining):

I really really wanted to get it out in the open that "beautiful people" dont have it all great - now hold on before you call me a conceited bitch, you dont even know me, and I'm not gonna go and say something like "ha ha! I'm prettier than you!" no, this is about how being beautiful really, actually, can kinda suck.

now I've been beautiful pretty much all my life so the reason I'm complaining now is I finally woke up to how much I have to work just to come off as the person I really am...just to my friends! and really I have few friends because they all end up despising me out of jealousy no matter how much I do for them! and dont say "well how do you know?" I have a college psychology textbook in my room right now and I also heard straight from them, yes, they told me they were having problems with jealousy because I would listen to them and not lose my temper - but anyways - so I have few friends and slowly I realized that it was because I was more attractive than them, of course I could care less but they had a problem with it. Even though I was very careful about mentioning my weight or anything physical about myself they still learned to despise me and eventually separate themselves from me.

and what about guys? they must be easy right? wrong. theyre scared to DEATH of me! the only ones that will talk to me are the really loose sleazebags! no hope at all in the guys dept. believe me!

walking with my friends = flat out stares, I mean they wont blink, sometimes they point at me like I'm some freakshow, like I have a 3rd eye or something. no kidding. but no one hits on us still...its like I have this kinda death aura that makes guys curious but not enough to get near me. I've had 1 "boyfriend"(in my life) for about 2 days and I think it was because he was gay anyways(no, I'm not bashing gays either, I'm being totally serious)

so before you respond saying "you conceited bitch!" I only refered to myself as "beautiful" because "beautiful to most" takes too long to type and sounds ridiculous, and if you still think I'm a concieted bitch, then I've got 2 things to say to you: "you idiot" and "fuck you" cause AS I SAID BEFORE: I'm not prancing around singing "I'm prettier than you" I'm talking about how much it SUCKS

.....sorry about the attitude but some people really just want to cause conflict I swear to god! everytime ANYONE makes an entry like this someone says " well....umm...I dont quite agree" or else they say "you should kill yourself" the way I see things is: take it or leave it! so I geuss all this bitchy attitude is in defense to all those "disagreers" and "insulters" out there!(I'm getting way off what I was talking about before sorry)

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